English. Урок 5. Имя прилагательное. Место прилагательных в предложении.

Именем прилагательным называется часть речи, которая обозначает признак предмета и отвечает на вопрос  what? (какой?). 

Прилагательное употребляется:

1) перед существительным после артикля, если он имеется:

 а beautiful song, a typical Englishman

2) после глагола-связки (to be, to seem, to look, to become …) как именная часть составного сказуемого:

She is beautiful. — Она прекрасна.

He looks strong. — Он выглядит сильным.

Если у слова имеется несколько определений, выраженных прилагательным, то прилагательные располагаются в следующем порядке:

1) Оценка, мнение (good, bad, terrible, nice)

2) Размер (large, little, tiny)

3) Форма (square, round)

4) Возраст (new, young, old)

5) Цвет (red, yellow, green)

6) Происхождение (French, American, eastern, Greek)

7) Вещество, материал (wooden, metal, cotton, paper)

8) Предназначение (sleeping, medical, musical)

a brilliant (1) young (4) man – великолепный молодой человек

a small (2) round (3) wooden (7) table – маленький круглый деревянный стол

a famous(1) German (6) medical school – знаменитая немецкая медицинская школа

В отличии от русского языка в английском языке имена прилагательные не изменяются ни по родам, ни по числам, ни по падежам:

a young man, a young woman, young people, about a young man

Имена прилагательные бывают простые (не имеют в своем составе ни префиксов, ни суффиксов) – big, short, производные – natural, incorrect,  сложные – dark-blue, snow-white

Ответьте на следующие вопросы:

  1. Что такое имя прилагательное?
  2. Перед какой частью речи употребляется имя прилагательное?
  3. Какое место занимает имя прилагательное в предложении?

Практическое задание

I. Translate into Russian:

  1. An interesting old book
  2. An ugly pink plastic ornament
  3. A nice small African drum
  4. A delicious round chocolate cake
  5. A pair of smart brown leather boots
  6. A beautiful small white Chinese computer
  7. A nice big old square white French china plate

II. Put the adjectives in the correct order:

1. At home there is a wooden beautiful square table in the dining room.

2. I was offered a/an gold unusual ring by my husband.

3. My grandmother has knitted a woolen nice new pullover for me.

4. I saw a/an American interesting old movie with friends at home.

5. It may rain! There are black big clouds floating in the air.

7. My daughter has black long beautiful hair.

8. Last week, I visited a/an old little lovely village in a remote place.

9. The gallery exhibited mainly French ancient strange paintings.

10. John was given a/an little black adorable kitten by his sister.

11. It started to rain so I opened a/an enormous modern purple Italian beautiful umbrella.

12. I came into a/an old picturesque house built in 1860.

13. A/an sports Italian new red car was parked opposite my house.

III. Translate the adjectives into English and put them in the correct order. Translate the sentences. 

1. I love that really (старый, большой, зеленый, античный) car that always parked at the end of the street.

2.         My sister adopted a (белый, красивый, большой) bulldog.

4.         We live in the (белый, новый, деревянный) house at the end of the street.

5.         My friend lost a (черный, серебряный, дорогой, английский) watch.

6.         My sister has a (маленький, черный, прекрасный) dog.

7.         My father has a (прекрасный, итальянский, старый) clock.

8.         There is a (квадратный, синий, большой) box.

9.         I bought a pair of (кожаный, черный, турецкий, современный) shoes.

10. We took a ride on a (китайский, старый, синий) bus.

IV. Correct the mistakes:

  1. I like that old, red, big antique tractor in the museum.
  2. My brother rode a beautiful Friesian big black horse in the parade.
  3. She was wearing red beautiful shoes.
  4. He is just a/an old silly man.
  5. She bought a powerful new computer.
  6. They have just moved into a modern big house.
  7. Last night I watched a/an German interesting film.
  8. My cellar is full of black big spiders.
  9. She was carrying a new beautiful bag.
  10. I like that coffee glass small table.
  11. There is a red horrible insect on your back.
  12. They live in a/an wooden wonderful old house

V. For each of the following sentences, choose the correct order of adjectives to fill in the blank

1. My grandmother lives in the ________________________ house on the corner

  1. little blue, green and white
  2. little blue and green and white
  3. little, blue, green, and white

2. The store carries an assortment of _____________________ objects.

  1. interesting new, old and antique
  2. new, old, interesting and antique
  3. interesting, old and new and antique

3. We went for a two-week cruise on a __________________________ ocean liner.

  1. incredible brand-new, huge Italian
  2. incredible, huge, brand-new Italian
  3. Italian incredible, brand-new, huge

4. I bought a pair of _________________ boots.

  1. new, nice, red rain
  2. nice new red rain
  3. red nice new rain

5. Please put the marbles into that ______________________ box.

  1. round little old red
  2. little old round red
  3. little old red round

VI. Choose the most natural-sounding response
1. He was wearing a ________ shirt.

  1. dirty old flannel
  2. flannel old dirty
  3. old dirty flannel 

2. Pass me the ________ cups. 

  1. plastic big blue
  2. big blue plastic
  3. big plastic blue

3. All the girls fell in love with the ________ teacher.

  1. handsome new American
  2. American new handsome
  3. new handsome American

4. I used to drive ________ car.

  1. a blue old German
  2. an old German blue
  3. an old blue German

5. He recently married a ________ woman.

  1. young beautiful Greek
  2. beautiful young Greek
  3. beautiful Greek young

6. This is a ________ movie.

  1. new Italian wonderful
  2. wonderful Italian new
  3. wonderful new Italian

7. She is a ________ supermodel.

  1. beautiful slim Brazilian
  2. Brazilian beautiful slim
  3. slim Brazilian beautiful

8. It’s in the ________ container.

  1. large blue metal
  2. blue large metal
  3. blue metal large

9. He sat behind a ________ desk.

  1. big wooden brown
  2. big brown wooden
  3. wooden big brown

10. She gave him a ________ vase. 

  1. small Egyptian black
  2. black Egyptian small
  3. small black Egyptian

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